Vertical Piping & Rigging

Oftentimes, our rigging license puts B&H Restoration in very HIGH demand for a wide array of services. After all, our rigging foremen know how to rig off of any landing and from all heights confidently.

We are often called in by GCs, a/c companies, and electrical companies to install vertical piping and refer to ourselves as “conduit erectors”. We set up the electrical cage where we can either do the installation of kinder straps ourselves or bring someone from your company up with us. Either way we are there from start to finish helping you pull the electrical wire through and making sure the soddering of the refrigeration lines left no leaks.

Rigging regulations have become very strict in the past couple of years due to the rise in accidents throughout the city. We accept the new rules and want to conform to them. Our rigging foremen have attended the updated instructional classes and we are working closer with rigging engineers to make sure our scaffolding techniques are legal and approved by the DOB. We also invested thousands of dollars upgrading our rigging equipment including new cables, ropes, electrical motors, railings, harnesses, and outriggers. Acts of this matter kept B&H Restoration around for so long… we move with the times. So while our clients joke around with us and say we’re related to Spider Man, we know that rigging scaffolding is serious work.




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