Masonry & Wall Repair

Over time, mortar and bricks weaken and crack and the integrity of the overall structure of the building itself may be affected. Age and element-affected brick work could result in a variety of problems including water leaks, structural instability, and falling masonry. Catching it on time can save you interior water damage, collapsing masonry, and citations from the DOB or causing injury to pedestrians below.

B&H masonry specialists can either access the problem themselves or, depending on the severity of the structure, call in a structural engineer to give a full report of their recommendations for us to follow. Sometimes doing a simple pointing job can defer rebuilding an entire corner of a building. Replacing a lintel can save your window below. Rebuilding a parapet wall can save you the trouble of doing a complete roof tear off.

Besides repairing masonry, we also do new construction. We create partition walls using CMU, pour concrete floors, form and pour concrete pads for chillers and condensing units, and make new steps and brick piers. We live and breathe cement and can do use it for any application.




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