Exterior Painting & Waterproofing

In pursuit of ther B&H philosophy of delivering a complete restoration service, building revitalization is not just about structural enhancements and customization. Our customers recognize our B&H craftsmen for their superb work in other building enhancement services such as painting and waterproofing.

We fulfill the needs of our clients as far as restoring the aesthetic appeal of their facades with our external paint services. Equipped with our own rigging equipment and professional painting hardware, our experts are ready to handle all exterior paint projects from full face facades to sectional areas. We also do trim painting including window, door, and cornices. We often recommend using Thorolastic and Thorocoat exterior paints. They are thick, high quality paints that not only come in beautiful standard colors and textures, they act as a sealant. Their constitution can help stop the spread of cracks throughout your façade and prevents your façade from soaking up water. It is a great product that we love to use.



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