Brick up Masonry and Custom Wall Openings

Creating an opening through a brick wall requires extensive understanding of construction engineering and strong analysis of each building's detail. We have made so many masonry openings throughout NYC that we have been nicknamed “Swiss Cheese Makers”. We create openings for thru the wall a/c sleeves, dryer and exhaust vents, louvers, condensing units, and window and door openings.

To maximize the use of your home or office space while increasing its function and value, let the qualified professionals at B&H Restoration restructure your layout. Restore the access and view of your windows by installing a thru-wall A/C opening. It’s safer than hanging a heavy unit on your window sill and its’ custom fit for any size and placement. We provide a ten year warrantee on all our a/c sleeve installations against leaks. This is why we are the sole installers in so many buildings in NYC. Building supers and managers simply don’t trust another company.

Often when replacing windows, a customer decides to enlarge a window opening, create a new one, or make double doors where there was a single one. The process is not a simple but one that B&H understands completely. We can customize any existing or non existing openings to any size to include new headers, waterproofing, sills and door saddles.

Finally masonry openings sometimes need to be closed or “bricked up” for a variety of reasons. We take great care in matching the brick and mortar to the existing so it doesn’t stand out like so many brick ups do throughout the city.




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