Roofing and Waterproofing

Many buildings in New York City have been built over a century ago and need serious upgrades. Usually these upgrades don’t come around until the dreaded leaks begin.

Finding the source of a leak is half the challenge. B&H Restoration roofing and waterproofing experts can usually find the root of your water damage. We can recommend and perform temporary or permanent solutions to resolve the problem of your aging roof, deteriorating parapet wall, missing copping stones or flashing, sagging lintels, exposed brick joints, and/or cracked caulking.

We are certified installers of the Kemper System - renown worldwide for setting industry standards in outdoor waterproofing treatment systems. We only use the highest quality materials on our jobs including WR Grace Bituthene, Vulkem, Procor, and Sika.

Creating masonry openings extends to roofs as well. We install custom made pitch pockets, skylights, ventilation systems, or any size opening that needs to be made.







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