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Our History
When Frank Perkovic first immigrated to the United States he was excited to get started fulfilling the American dream. Taking on a job that most people didn’t want to do, he became a bridge painter working on the Triboro Bridge. He learned how to rig, the importance of safety on work sites, and how to make your work last. In 1978, he began his own business. He did any kind of work that involved a Brick and a Hammer and therefore named his company B&H Restoration Inc. Through years of hard work, fair pricing and great customer service, B&H Restoration became a trusted company you could come to for all your masonry, rigging and waterproofing needs.

Today, Frank’s daughter, Emily Erceg is the proud owner and president of B&H Restoration. She and the great crew of specialized and loyal employees are known by hundreds of building supers, building management companies, general contractors, a/c companies, hotels and private tenants. B&H Restoration continues to grow at a steady pace, adjusting to the needs of her clients, and keeping up with the changing times.

Frank, when he first arrived in the United States- enthusiastic about the 'American Dream'
B&H workers including Frank- hard at work.
1997- B&H Restoration building their own shop and office.

Our Philosophy
We understand the seriousness of our work. Walking into an occupied apartment with jackhammer in hand and the intent to make a large hole through the wall is serious business. Hanging a scaffold 40 floors off a flat roof so two men can go up and down to find your leak is serious business. Tearing off a roof down to its base in hopes that you can get another one down before the next storm is serious business.

Understanding this is what makes us professionals at our job.


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